MotoGP riders say passing off-line "impossible" at Termas

MotoGP riders say passing off-line "impossible" at Termas
Mar 30, 2019, 12:20 PM

MotoGP riders have complained about track conditions at Termas de Rio Hondo, with Maverick Vinales saying it's "impossible" to go off the ideal line.

The Termas circuit has been notorious for having low grip conditions, as well as riders having to clean it up throughout the race weekend.

The field has struggled off the racing line throughout the opening day of the event's 2019 edition, and Vinales said it's "too dirty" at the moment.

"Off line is impossible to go, it is too dirty. If you go off line, you can't bank," said Vinales. "I could not even touch the gas, I was so critical, in a really small line there is grip, and no grip.

"We saw many riders also in Moto3 in T5, as soon as they lose a little bit the line, go down. Also Jack [Miller] in last corner.

"We have to pay a lot of attention to where you are on the track."

Miller, whose crash occurred in FP2 while making a move on Valentino Rossi, said the track is "like ice".

"I was clearly faster than Vale, three or four key overtake points before I didn't really think I could do it and I thought there [Turn 16] of all places I should be able to do it because it is quite a safe corner to pass.

"I was right on his ass coming out T15 and I thought I was safe, but just when I started braking I braked maybe a metre inside and when I grabbed the brake, the actual whole bike went sideways.

"I had to release and grab again, and when I got back onto the racing line, I started running wide and got off it again, and just tried to commit to the corner.

"As soon as I went on over, I started releasing the brake to try to bring the bike back in and [it] just went on me.

"It's sketchy off line. I think most of the overtaking will have to be done prior to a braking so you can sort of move your way back onto the racing line."

Cal Crutchlow reckons that conditions should improve on Sunday after the Moto3 and Moto2 races.

However, the Briton was puzzled to see wet patches on the track Friday despite no rain falling for two days, and said that a potential overnight shower would only dry up really slowly.

"I don't understand how it rained two days ago and there are still wet patches on the track. If it rains tonight, everyone is scuppered tomorrow.

"It is really dusty off line but that is the problem, if somebody does pass you, you have to run off line, and the line is so narrow here for some reason.

"I think it will be better in the race because Moto2, they run a little bit different lines, 40 guys on the track going mad in the first laps so it does clean up a little bit."

Additional reporting by Jamie Klein

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