"Annoyed" Alonso says F1 singles out his radio messages

"Annoyed" Alonso says F1 singles out his radio messages
Jul 28, 2018, 4:07 PM

Fernando Alonso says he doesn't understand what Formula 1's "problem" is, after saying he is annoyed that once again his animated radio conversations have got singled out.

The Spaniard's intense conversation with his team about which tyre to pick for the final minutes of Q2 in Hungary were picked out on the international television feed, as he expressed frustration about a tyre call.

But Alonso said he was far from happy that FOM had again picked out what he felt was a conversation that every driver would be having with their team.

"The FOM is quite annoying already with my radio," said the McLaren driver, who ended up qualifying 11th.

"I don't know what problem they have to put my radio always, and I don't know what was not normal about the conversation when the track is getting worse.

"You cannot improve any more the times, you chat about which tyres to put and if it's worth doing another run or not. It's their favourite hobby, so good luck to them."

What Alonso said

Alonso's radio message came at the end of Q2 when, although an improvement could have got him to Q3, a downpour meant quick lap times were not possible.

Here is what was said:

PITWALL: Fernando. Do you think we should do a new set of inters or wets? New inters or wets?

FERNANDO: I think we should go to the garage and see the conditions. With the wets we can go out but if we are 25 seconds slower then it is just running for nothing. We need to improve the P11.

PIT WALL: Okay Fernando. If we did that we would just have time...it would be only for one timed lap at the end. It would be one at the end.

FERNANDO: I don't know, mate. Put whatever tyre you want. The last sector is impossible so even if you put on a rocketship we would be 11th.


Happy day

Although sounding a bit frustrated on the radio, Alonso said that qualifying had gone better than expected because of the wet weather.

"It was a good qualifying any way, I'm happy," he said. "The conditions were very difficult, you need to get a bit of luck and be in the right time on track.

"In Q1, on dry conditions, we were concerned already on Q1 and now thanks to the rain we are P11, close to the points. So I think it was a lucky Saturday. We need something more on Sunday."

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